Support openSNP on Patreon

tl;dr: As openSNP has grown so much we will now really have to upgrade our servers – they’re straining right now already. If you want to chip in, you can support us with a small monthly contribution on Patreon!

Since our last post in April we’ve grown quite a bit, right now we’re hosting ~2100 genetic data sets. Those are largely 23andMe/Ancestry/FamilyTreeDNA genotypings with a few exome data sets. In total this translates to around 1.5 billion genetic variants stored! Add to this all the phenotypes stored in openSNP and we are talking a substantial amount of data. While we are very happy with the growth of openSNP, but at the same time this means that our small server, which is running all of the project, is hitting its limits right now. You will have noticed that using the website can be tedious at times, to the point of your connection even timing out. This is largely because the web server is running on the same machine as the backend, and processing new uploads and maintaining the database backend consumes lots of resources.

To get around those limitations we will have to upgrade our technical infrastructure. Unfortunately doing so will not come for free. So far we have been running openSNP mainly on our own money that we make on our day jobs. This means we are somewhat limited in how much we can shell out to in order to keep openSNP running. As the huge amount of data in openSNP already shows the power of crowdsourcing we are now reaching out to you!

Using Patreon you can support us with as little as $1 per month. We estimate that with around $100 to $150 per month we could substantially improve the speed of openSNP, switching to servers with more RAM, more disk space and faster CPUs. Thanks a lot to those who have become our patrons already. And as usual: Feel free to get in touch any time you have further questions regarding the project at!

We would like to again thank all volunteers who’ve made this possible. You rock!

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