OpenSNP wants to be a repository and an open platform to collect genotyping data as is produced by direct to customer genetic testing companies such as 23andMe or deCODEMe. The vision is to enable everybody to perform crowd-sourced association studies to create new knowledge about our genes. Additionally we would like to enable everyone to find out more about their own results. To find more about openSNP you might want to read this introduction-blogpost and the FAQ.

Who is behind openSNP?

Here we go: Bastian, Fabian and Philipp did their undergraduate studies in Life Sciences and are currently doing their master-programmes. Bastian currently studies Ecology & Evolution, Fabian studies Biology and Philipp studies Computer Science. Helge is the only “real” web developer on the team and has helped us a lot in testing much of the things we did. We are not working full time on this project, this is more of a hobby. Please give us some time to answer your questions, fix bugs and stuff like this as we are doing this in our free time besides our studies and day jobs.

One thought on “About

  1. A bit late to congratulate but nonetheless!!! Will promote your idea and the whole issue of Open Science gladly on Wednesday in my talk at http://www.wissenschaft-im-dialog.de/wissenschaftskommunikation/forum/forum-2011/programm-forum-2011.html#c8288

    Keep it up!


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