Replies to all genotyping-applications have been sent

It took us some time to read through all your great applications and it was a hard task to decide which applications we should consider for the free genotypings. After heavy discussions and bargaining we had two things: a list of successful applications and a short list of applicants that would get a 23andme-kit if there would be a DNADay-discount with 23andMe this year.

By now all applicants should have received an email from us which either brings the good or bad news. If you haven’t received an email you should take a look into your spam-folder (look for a message from A handful of applicants either had some typo in their address or have closed down the account they used to register for the application. If you haven’t heard from us at all this might be the reason.  In this case, please contact us again and tell us your old or original e-mail-address.

For everybody on the shortlist: Unfortunately 23andMe doesn’t offer discounts this year, so we can’t consider your applications. We’re really sorry about this as we really would like to genotype all of you. Drop us an email if you want to get notified about a potential follow up free-genotyping. We’re still trying to get some funding for this.

Please give us your postal address if your application was successful. We need it to order you a spit kit.

Thanks again to everybody who participated.

the openSNP-team

2 thoughts on “Replies to all genotyping-applications have been sent

  1. anonymous says:

    Even though they aren’t having a sale, did you try contacting them to see if they could offer you any sort of discount. I know for example they offer an academic discount…

    “23andMe partners with high schools, colleges, and universities to improve understanding of genetic information and to foster a dialogue about personalized medicine. For academic classes with a focus on genetics, medicine, human biology, anthropology, or bioethics, we offer several resources, including our Personal Genome Service® at a significantly reduced rate: $99 with a free 1-year subscription (normally a required $9/month).

    In return for the reduced price, professors requesting access to the discount must meet the following minimum requirements:

    The professor agrees to link to the class website or syllabus on 23andMe’s Academic Website;
    The professor is affiliated with an accredited university;
    The class size is at least 25 students; and
    All orders must be processed through 23andMe’s online store. No purchase orders or invoices.

    If you have questions regarding our academic program, please email”

    Though you don’t precisely fit that, your project overall seems very inline with something 23andMe should want to promote. Even if you’ve already ordered, might be a worth at least asking them about the possibility of a retroactive discount (for example refund of subscription fees which you would then use for more kits).

    • bgreshake says:

      Thanks for sharing your idea on this!

      We did contact 23andMe and ask about a discount for academics/charitable objectives, but they required a minimum amount of orders which we couldn’t fulfill, even after applying the discount. So unfortunately this wasn’t an option for us. But we will keep this opportunity in mind if the opportunity for another round comes up. 🙂


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