Videos and Slides on the recent talks

A happy new year from the openSNP-team! Philipp and I are back from our talks. If you couldn’t make it to Berlin you can now watch the videos that were recorded during our talks. You can watch the recordings from our talk on crowdsourcing genome-wide association studies at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress at YouTube or in better quality here. If you are interested in our slides you can get them at SlideShare or as LaTeX-sources at GitHub.

For those of you who speak german: You might be interested in our talk on the privacy implications of the coming post-genomics era, which we gave at the 0. Spackeriade. You can watch it on YouTube as well or download the video. Again: The slides can be found at SlideShare or as LaTeX-sources on GitHub.

Thanks for all who helped on the slides, gave us their feedback and of course all of you who approached us after the talks – in real life or via email – and had some ideas for new features. We already started to work those. Stay tuned to see some changes on openSNP in the next weeks.

One thought on “Videos and Slides on the recent talks

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