Happy Holidays

We have some last news before we leave for our holidays. Let’s start with the biggest news: We were able to secure a little funding through the WissensWert-contest of the german Wikimedia Foundation (sorry, the posting is in German as well). This means that we will have up to 5000 Euros that we can spent to get some more people, who are in love with sharing as we are, genotyped. We will release more details on this as soon as possible.

Additionally Philipp and I will be in Berlin between 12/27 and 12/31. As we have mentioned before we will give a talk on openSNP and crowd-sourced genome-wide association studies at the 28th Chaos Communication Congress. The talk will be on 12/28 at 11 pm. This talk will be in english and there should be day passes, so if you are in town you can pay us a visit. If you are If you’re able to speak or understand German you can also pay a visit to the 0th Spackeriade which takes place on 12/29. We will talk about the implications of the post-genomics-era on privacy.

Thanks again for all your support, for voting for openSNP in the different contests we have entered, for sharing your data with us, for finding bugs, for spreading the word. Have some nice holidays and maybe we’ll see some of you for a beer in Berlin.

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