The WissensWert contest vote is now open!

Hello everyone!
The Mendeley/PLoS Binary Battle is now over, so it’s time for the next one  – the WissensWert-Contest (page is in German) by the German Wikimedia-Foundation.

They have pledged up to 7000€ for ideas that promote open knowledge and open science – naturally, we had to apply!

What we’re trying to do with the money (if we win) is to give out free genotypings to people who can’t afford them, but still want to participate in the research. We could give out up to 35 genotypings with the money. Of course, just because we give anyone the money to get genotyped doesn’t mean that they have to publish it – we can’t force you to reveal potentially damaging information about you.

To win this contest we need your voteyou can vote here, the page is in German but you only have to activate the radio-button for project “02-Open (Citizen) Science durch mehr öffentlich verfügbare Genotypisierungen” (that’s us, translation: “Open (Citizen) Science through more openly available genotypings”) and then press the submit-button on the bottom of the page. You don’t necessarily have to supply any of the additional information (which seems to be for their statistics), but if you speak or write German I’m sure they would appreciate the input!

We’re thrilled to have won the Mendeley/PLoS Binary Battle and we’re sure we couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks for your votes & your continuing support!

The openSNP-team

2 thoughts on “The WissensWert contest vote is now open!

  1. anonymous says:

    Another one you might want to check out:

    DNA Genotek Launches Grant Program Aimed at Cancer, Personalized Medicine and Infectious Disease Research

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA, ON, October 11, 2011. DNA Genotek, a leading provider of products for biological sample collection, stabilization and preparation, today launched a grant program that encompasses three primary areas of focus – cancer, personalized medicine and infectious disease.

    The DNA Genotek Grant Program invites research proposals that showcase innovative and novel use of the company’s saliva-based collection and stabilization products in the genetic/genomic bases of one of the designated research areas. Notable proposals for the use of DNA Genotek products in research focused on other disease(s) are also encouraged. The winning research proposal will receive up to $30,000 US and up to 500 DNA Genotek sample collection kits.

    “We created the DNA Genotek Grant Program to reward scientists who are accelerating the application of genetics to gain knowledge in three critical areas of research”, said Ian Curry, president, DNA Genotek Inc. “We want to reward those who are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with DNA or RNA while contributing to the scientific idea pipeline for cancer, personalized medicine or infectious disease research.”

    Investigators must submit an application online before Monday, January 16th, 2012. The winner will be notified in March of 2012. For more information about the grant program or to apply, visit

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