Results of the Binary Battle

We are happy to announce that we won the Mendeley / PLoS Binary Battle. This comes unexpected, although we worked hard to achieve this. As we see openSNP as a community-driven project: We really want to thank all of you: For voting for openSNP in the final round of the Battle. For sharing your data. For finding bugs. For your critique. For your ideas and feature suggestions. For all of your support. This is a great source of motivation, especially if I think of implementing all the upcoming feature-ideas we have.

We also want to send our congratulations to PaperCritic, which came in second, and rOpenSci which is the second runner up. Both are definitely worth a look (as are all the other entries of the binary battle as well). It is really great to see what creative minds can build with open data and open APIs.

As Philipp is currently writing his master thesis (and I’m also working for the last exam of this year) there hasn’t been much new in terms of features in the last weeks. But this should end in a week or two and we already have some plans. And we are also applying for some small funding via the german Wikimedia Foundation and their WissensWert-contest, which funds projects that support open knowledge. We are trying to get the funding in order to get data of more people who are into sharing their data genotyped (and may lack the financial resources to get it done). This could lead to some more data sets on openSNP.

Thanks a lot ! And if you have any questions: Just contact us, we are really looking forward to get in touch with you.

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