Binary Battle, Wissenswert-Contest and planned features

Binary Battle & WissensWert-Contest

We are participating in the Mendeley/PloS Binary Battle. Over 40 applications that make use of the Mendeley and PLoS APIs were submitted. A selection of 11 submissions will get reviewed by some great judges and those get the chance to win 10.001 US $. Were happy that we made it into this final selection. But you should also check out the other applications, there are some great tools.

We are also participating in the WissensWert-Contest of the german Wikimedia foundation. They fund ideas that make use of open licenses and try to support Free Knowledge with up to 5000 €. We applied for the funding to get some people genotyped that would like to make their results freely available, but lack the financial resources to pay for it themselves (this is a thing we quite often encountered). With the money we could get over 30 people genotyped by a DTC-company. Making those results available to the public would provide a great resource for people who are interested in personal genetics.


There is not much new at openSNP in terms of features, but: Currently we are working on implementing the Distributed Annotation System (DAS) into openSNP. DAS is a protocol that has been around for ~10 years and it allows the delivery of genetic information in a way that can be easily reused and makes remixing the data really easy. For example the UCSC Genome Browser and ENSEMBL make heavy use of it to display sequences, along with their annotation (SNPs, genes, diseases etc.). Rafael Jimenez and Manuel Corpas also use the DAS-protocol for their MyKaryoView, which is a genome browser that is meant to be used with genotyping data.

We are also working on adding support for zipped files, but currently Philipp and I are facing a high workload at our universities. If you are interested in helping out and doing some coding in Ruby on Rails: Feel free to do so. All of our code can be found at GitHub and we have a mailing list.

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  1. […] been much new in terms of features in the last weeks. But this should end in a week or two and we already have some plans. And we are also applying for some small funding via the german Wikimedia Foundation and their […]

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