On Crawling Efforts and Requesting Data

Some Statistics

We love to share some more data on openSNP with all of you and now seems like a good time to do so.

  • Up to now our database stores a total number of 34 977 228 polymorphisms of 39 different users. Those are divided into 1 933 962 different SNPs.
  • Users have entered a total number of 412 phenotypes, split into 28 different categories.
  • Due to the great support of Mendeley (they relaxed the API-limit for us) we already finished crawling all papers on those SNPs we know of from their database. Those add up to 5940 papers. 698 of those are published as Open Access-papers, so they can be freely accessed by everybody.
  • We also finished crawling the SNPedia and were able to find 7760 different pages that contain information on SNPs that we have listed. This includes links to primary literature as well as summaries on the effects of specific SNPs
  • While we did not finish crawling the Public Library of Science yet (259098 SNPs still need to be checked), we could already find 1135 publications that deal with SNPs listed on openSNP.

On Navigation

All this makes a nice source of information for everyone who is interested in SNPs (and their possible effects), as well for everybody who likes to play around with personal genomics-data. Today we changed the URL-layout a little to make it a bit easier for those of you who are frequently interested in finding out about a specific SNP:

The old URLs just used the internal database-ID of the SNP to deliver the site you were looking for. So if you were interested in rs7903146 you had to visit http://opensnp.org/snps/445791, which was not that nice, as the URL is not informative and you always had to perform a search on openSNP to find the page of interest.

The new URL-layout uses the name of the SNP, so you can easily visit http://opensnp.org/snps/rs7903146 and find all the information you were looking for. But don’t panic if you bookmarked some of the old URLs, they still work, so you don’t have to change a thing.

Enjoy playing around!


2 thoughts on “On Crawling Efforts and Requesting Data

  1. dalloliogm says:

    Congratulations on your efforts!
    For what concerns PLoS, you may have a look at their PLoS Current on ‘Evidence on Genomic tests’ (http://knol.google.com/k/plos/plos-currents-evidence-on-genomic-tests/28qm4w0q65e4w/50# ).

    PLoS Currents is an initiative from PLoS to simplify publishing of SNP association results. The papers are not subject to a strict peer-review, but when they are published they are included in pubmed. Maybe in the future, you may consider submitting some of the results from OpenSNP there.

    • Bastian says:

      Thanks, I nearly forgot about the PLoS Current on Genomic Tests. As soon as we’ve got enough users this will be definitely an option we should keep in mind (although it may take some time to collect more data in first place).

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