Server Migration and New Features

We are happy to tell you that we upgraded the server that hosts openSNP: We started of with a small, single-core machine with 1 GB of RAM but we (and many of the users) quickly found out that his machine definitely was running at its limits. To change this we moved the openSNP-project some hours ago to a new machine that offers 4 CPU-cores and 24 GB of RAM. We are quite optimistic that this should be enough to host us for the next time. As those questions came up lately: We are mostly paying for the hosting by ourselves, although Kai Werthwein was so kind to donate for a month of hosting costs. Thanks for the support!

We also used this occasion to optimize the code and to implement some of the features we mentioned in the last posting: First of all we optimized our database-tables and our file-parsing-script to further speed up things. Then we also implemented support for customers of FamilyTreeDNA. If you were genotyped by them you and got results in the Illumina-format you now can upload the results to openSNP. Afterwards we started implementing a basic email-notification system. Users now can get notified via email about replies to their comments, about new messages and – good news for all achievement-hunters – even about new phenotypes.

And now enjoy using openSNP, new users can easily join here. And of course: Let the feature-requests keep coming. We are looking forward to your ideas!


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